Steroid Injection Recipes

Test 450 painless 160ml Recipes

Test 450 painless 160ml 
50g   test enan
25g   test cyp
3.2         BA     (2%)
32          BB     (20%)
3.2mL    Guaiacol     (2%)
40mL     Ethyl Oleate  (25%)
27.6mL  Grapeseed Oil 

test enan 300mg/mL 
test cyp    150mg/mL

Reason this one works is cause you got two different esters to help suspend the high mg hormone as well as EO and grape seed oil/ guaiacol , besides the the oil and EO the bb with the ba helps to keep the hormone from recrystalizing out of the depot after inject. (Low BA so it doesn't burn later!)

1、 super test 450mg/ml recipe for 500ml   
Test acetate BP        32mg for 16g 
Test deconoate BP  147mg for 73.5g
Test propionate BP  73mg  for 36.5g
Test phenylpropionate BP 73mg for 36.5g
Test cypionate BP              125mg  for 62.5g
225g powders (169.5ml)
Benzyl alcohol   41.5ml  (8.3%)
Grape seed oil   289ml