Steroid Injection Recipes

TNE Suspention (Test No Ester) Conversion Recipes

best quality Testosterone raw PowderIMG_20180927_110303.jpg

20 ml TNE @ 50 mg/ml 

1 gram   Test Base powder  
2 ml       benzyl benzoate ( 10%) 
0.2 ml    benzyl alcohol (1%) 
0.6 ml    polysorbate80 (3%) 
16.2 ml  destilled water

Heat the powder -PEG-ba-ps80 until it melts and forms a clear substance ..then filter it as warm as possible I do it on 45 degrees C into a clean vial with distilled water where it wil titrate (return from its fluid form into the solid form). 

Some prefer to add the benzyl alcohol to the water.