Cooked Oils

Make mass mix increase muscle 650mg/ml oils

recipe mass 650mg/ml for 1L
test E                   200mg / ml      150ml
Deca                     200mg / ml      150ml
boldon undecyl   200mg / ml      170ml
oxymetholone     50mg / ml        50ml
BA 5%    50ml
BB 10%  100ml
EO 10%  100ml
oil           230ml

Step 1
Use a 1000ml beaker add BA,BB ,EO and Grapeseed Oil ,heating and stiring to 130C,then add oxymetholone powder,heating to about 178℃ melt point,it completely melt


Step 2
when cool about 40C,add Deca powder,boldon undecyl liquid and test E powder


Step 3
seems all melt liquid,still stiring 2 minutes for complete melt,then get clear semi oil