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Trenbolone Acetate 100mg/mL Recipe for 500mL

Melting Point = 94-97℃

Common 100mg/mL Trenbolone Acetate recipe for 500mL   
50 gram Trenbolone Acetate powder  (37.5mL)
10mL       BA (2%)
100mL     BB (20%)
352.5mL  Oil

Step 1
Use a 1000ml beaker add BA,BB and Grapeseed Oil ,heating and stiring to 60℃,add Trenbolone Acetatepowder,heating to about 75℃ seems melt point,become clear light yellow oil


Step 2
But it's not complete melt,so still heating utill to about 105℃
now you will see the colour become dark yellow liquid


Step 3
still stiring 3 minutes for complete melt,then get clear dark orange semi oil  
 (We can see clearly at the bottom of the Chinese characters through oil )


after one day's picture  ( my there temperature is 18℃ )
 the colour from dark orange become light orange oil,but always clear,no any impurities