300mg/mL Boldenone Undecanoate Oil

MOQ is 100 ml

100ml is $ 59
500g is $ 220
1 liter is $ 380
2 liter is $ 660

Melting Point = 28-35°C


300mg/ml recipe for 250ml   
Boldenone UnDecanoate 75g      (63.75ml)
Benzyl Alcohol         5ml    (2%)
Benzyl Benzoate      25ml  (10%)
Grapeseed Oil         156.25ml

300mg/ml recipe for 500ml   
Boldenone UnDecanoate 150g      (127.5ml)
Benzyl Alcohol        10ml  (2%)
Benzyl Benzoate      20ml  (10%)
Grapeseed Oil         312.5ml

300mg/ml recipe for 1000ml   
Boldenone UnDecanoate 300g      (255ml)
Benzyl Alcohol       20ml  (2%)
Benzyl Benzoate    100ml  (10%)
Grapeseed Oil        625ml


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